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Wood rot! Make sure water can drain!

Whenever doing a home improvement project, you want to make sure you know how its going to effect it's surroundings. On this project, you can see the brick pavers are sitting much higher than the threshold of the door. This is due to the fact that the pavers were installed on an existing concrete slab. The mortar even forms a little water ramp that will help to trap water inside the channel and rot the door frame. Once the bottom of the jamb is breached by rot, there's no stopping the water from coming into the house. Ruining your flooring, drywall, etc. The only way to fix this problem is to special order the door shorter in height and modify the foundation to sit higher beneath the threshold. This will lift the door higher than the pavers and will allow for proper drainage.

The doors we replace in Tucson have a lot of rot like this. The door frame in the picture is your common finger joint pine you would purchase in stock at any home improvement store. Almost every single door we see in Tucson has a weak finger joint pine like this. If your door has too much exposure to the elements, you will be replacing the door with the same door you already have within two years. It will only be a matter of time before it rots again.

We have solutions for this. We can use a composite frame that's designed to take extreme weather conditions. It's resistant to warp and rot. The door panels themselves are made from a high quality fiberglass. These are also resistant to warp and rot. We insulate between the frame and the studs with a high strength polyurethane spray foam that's oil based and resists water. We can finish the exterior with a composite wood trim designed for taking extreme weather exposure or a stucco wrap directly to the composite frame.

So if you're looking for a long term door replacement in Tucson from an experienced, local Tucson window and door installation company, please give us a call! Thanks for reading!

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