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We choose to use fiberglass because it's more durable than steel. It holds up to the heat and insulates better than a steel door does. You can also get simulated wood designs and different stain color options. Fiberglass doors also don't dent like steel doors do. There's really not much of a price difference between the two so we always recommend sticking with a fiberglass door.

Many of the doors we install for our clients, like the mini blind doors, are stock. Which means the retailer purchases the product in bulk and sells them at a discounted rate. Having to special order a door can cost double or more what a stock door costs. Over the last 15 years of replacing doors and windows in Tucson, most of our projects have been done using stock materials. We specialize in using and modifying stock products to fit custom openings. In this video you'll see how we modify the jamb depth to fit the wall thickness. In this case, the wall was 6.75" wide. This is a very unusual size, and having to special order it would have been expensive and a waste of money.

We only use quality products when sealing our projects from the harsh weather here in the southwest. Polyurethane caulk will flex and bend with the expansion and contraction of the building. This quality caulking prevents cracking and becoming separated, leaving water to breach and rot the inside of the wall. In addition to the caulking, we spray insulating foam inside the wall. The foam expands into all the little nooks and crannies inside the wall. This helps to keep bugs out. Helps to prevent water or drafts from breaching if the caulking should fail. But it also helps to keep the door or window secure. Many times when removing old doors and after removing all the fasteners all that's holding the door up is the spray foam. And it is really in there. You have to separate the foam from the jamb with a reciprocating saw. So over the years as your house continues to settle, the foam will really help to keep the door in place.

If you're looking for windows and doors in the Tucson or surrounding areas please don't hesitate to give us a call! Thanks for watching!

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