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Save money by avoiding cheap doors!

Inexpensive options at the box stores may make you think you're getting a good deal, but there are quality flaws leading to failure; Sometimes in the span of a year. Take one of our most requested projects for example: the french door. (See pictures above)

You'll notice there's a substance running down the exterior of the door from the trim around the glass. This is the silicone used to seal the glass from the elements outside. Because of the high temperatures we have here in Tucson and it's surrounding areas, and because the quality of silicone or alternative caulking is cheap, it will melt. This door is even underneath a large overhang!

Because of the length of time this door has been deteriorating, there's a good chance wood rot is happening inside the door. A 1x1 piece of wood is all that's holding the slab together. The rest is filled with Styrofoam. If the piece of wood at the bottom of the door rots (which is the first piece to go) it will no longer support a sweep. That's what keeps the bugs, dirt, water, etc from getting into the house.

This is just one of the many things that can go wrong with doors in Tucson. These door jambs are also made out of finger joint young growth pine. In a very short period of time (depending on the maintenance of the medium) the finger joints may split due to the expansion and contraction of the wood, resulting in spaces in the jamb for water to enter. This water will run behind the door jamb and may cause structural problems long term.

In conclusion, avoid a headache by not wasting your time and money on cheap doors. The materials used are substandard, and the door may fail over time. In my experience, this is more often than not.

Here at Element Doors and Windows of Tucson, we have solutions to these problems. After 15 years here in the sweltering hot desert replacing doors and windows, we know what your home needs. Buy it nice, or buy it twice. Let us help you love your home.

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