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Doggone Dogs!

Intense dry heat, cheap door materials, and puppy claws don't mix!

While something like this is damaged beyond repair, there are still options.

You can replace it with a similar quality product for the most economic pricing; I would suggest this option if you have renters or are preparing a home for sale. Most of the doors in Tucson, including almost all new home construction projects, commonly use this quality of door.

If you are looking for more durability instead of a weak finger joint pine like the one in the picture, we can order solid wood jambs that won't split during the natural expanding and contracting. Alternatively, we have a composite jamb that's a lot more durable and stands up well against the elements. Either of these options will prevent the wood from rotting and ultimately allowing water to breach the walls.

We installed an inexpensive security door on the outside to allow the pets to see outside. It also keeps them from running away or damaging the house like the picture in this article. Customers also like the fact they can open the door and have something between them and whatever or whoever is waiting outside. Not to mention, it provides a natural way to cool your home during the spring and fall months!

A closer look at the damage

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